"like a mermaid she's burning..."
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Lars @ Hattstattstock 29.08.08 ------- Lars & Morten @ Det Poetiske Bureau 19.08.09 ------- Carl Christian, Lars, Asger, & Marie @ Inkonst 26.03.03

this walloping behemoth will set yr ears on fire from the inside:

Lars RO: f. e. guitar & throat, f. e. bass, drums, sitar, assorted noises. (also of NAVRATILOVA & PROXY KICKY TRICKS, formerly of OBSTINATE ESTHER, THE QUADRATURE, LAMPshADe;, & pa'vo' yi'JAH)

Angelika: violin. (also of FOLKETS HUS SPILLEFOLK)

shows (& tells):

stay tuned! (Tues. 28 April: online Zoom concert at 20:00 (in W. Europa).

Sat. 2 May: online Global Marijuana March at 13:00 (in W. Europa).)

disco: (click here for lyrics)

the sound of one hand clapping
their fifth album from late 2013.

12 protest songs for an era which cries out for protest! 2008.

pockets of resistance
a singles/B-sides type compilation CD, including the las zadan EP, the long-awaited reissuing of the psi e.p., and several more gems. co-release with BSBTA. 2005.

las zadan e.p.
4 of the best songs they have ever released. lo-fi demonstrational hi-energy punky dischordant down right good stuff (their least lo-fi yet though). 'las zadan' means foreplay, and that's the general idea here, to whet yr appetite until the pockets of resistance singles/B-sides type compilation CD. co-release with BSBTA. 2004.

shards of ancient suns
a CD/cassette release which pretty much documents sfu·ma·to's american period, circa 1999-2000. 7 songs & 45 minutes of soulful yearnings & 4 track sessions & two live tracks featuring the whole american lineup. available from us, BSBTA, or The Other Music in København. Dave from godspeed you black emperor! really likes "spinning 2000" and "solitude 1999" - how about you? 2002.

the psi e.p.
their vinyl debut is a 7" with 4 rockers for the whole family. Rob VIOLA says "those guitars scrape me real good." "it's good stuff! it's great. i think it's a really fine production," says Anders of LITTLE BOY SPENCER. "it's fucking brilliant! and the sound quality isn't much worse than a TRUMANS WATER 7"!!! ... but it's lo-fi punk rock, isn't it?" asks Tania from THE NAKED etc.

the future lies in darkness
their second release. a CD/cassette release which contains no-fi live tracks from a hand-held tape recorder & acoustic tracks from their appearance on Station 2000 radio in København in March of 1998. you are more than welcome to download the album in mpeg form and burn it on a disc yrself, if you like...
click here for lyrics. 1998.

come good home
their first 4 song cassette recording. don't even BOTHER looking for it at an indie boutique near you! 1997.

compilation appearances et al:

we cover "Heather" on THE WEDDING PRESENT A-Z - it's hectic!

our live recording of "archipelago (the cockatoo is pregnant)" from The Escape from Beer Mountain was rereleased in 2016 on the Microcosm compilation cassette brought to you by Vortexas Records.

Lars is one of the psychedelic collaborators on the remarkable Vinyl Snails LP. beautiful...

DJ Bad Taste has released a ten copy limited pressing of his remix of "spinning" and a new track, "panned out." yum!!!

another special track is a live version of a piece from 'the sound of one hand clapping' called "archipelago (the cockatoo is pregnant)" and is available on The Escape from Beer Mountain: A Posthumous BSBTA Label Sampler / Souvenir Compilation. contrary to what the liner notes will lead you to believe, it was recorded at The Diamond Star House in Kalamazoo, Michigan, not in Kansas. other sfu-ma-to-related highlights are a little silly "Outro" by Branta IX vs. sfu-ma-to, and, GET THIS, the world's first recorded sfu-ma-to cover!!! yes, don't bother rubbing yr eyes, you read that correctly. the fine lads of YouNoLoveBunny have taken our old classic "spinning" & transformed it into a masterpiece of trippiness & cacophony. i am truly honoured. so get the CD already!!! :)

our hottest single, "solitude 2003" was on a CD compilation called 'Affiliate Program, Vol. 1' (in an extended version, no less!) on BSBTA.

our most hippin' & hoppin' track to date was recorded in December 2004 in L.A. by Peace & features Lars, Catherine FEENY, & Natalie WOODLAWN. it's called "welcome to Fallujah" and could be found on BSBTA's Christmas Calendar in the past tense. it's now one of the 13 tracks compiled on the CD, 'pockets of resistance.

Lars is one of the dozens of collaborating musicians featured on the acclaimed Musical Chain Letters CD. (sorry but that website is down & it's not on discogs!)

if yr a fan of las zadan's "wave of murmurings 2003," check out the alternate version featuring Lars & Carl Christian called "wave of murmurings 2001" on the August 2003 EP of BSBTA's EP Club.

a song of ours ("psycho-motorique") is on the kick arse 'Hairballs of Hysteria' CD comp on bloated sasquatch beer theatre audio.

a potent live version of "long tall sally" is on the Les Enfants Children cassette compilation.

(possible titles for future releases are Explosions Spontanees and Chalk It Up to Seasons of Expertise.)

sound & video:


live at FredsVagten Christiansborg's 5,555th day celebration at Operaen, Christiania, Danmark in early 2017

"bilfri by"

"bilfri by" live on Lydbølger radio, København, Danmark on 12 December 2017

"solitude 2015" (acoustic)

mp3 etc.

"archipelago (the cocakatoo is pregnant)" live from the Microcosm compilation (on bandcamp)

all 11 (of 11) 'the sound of one hand clapping' tracks! (on bandcamp)

nine of our songs & four by Lars solo (on soundcloud)

all 13 (of 13) 'control-alt-delete' tracks! (on bandcamp)

'pockets of resistance 1998-2004' (on youtube)

6 (of 13) 'pockets of resistance' tracks (on last.fm)

all 13 (of 13) 'the future lies in darkness' tracks! (on soundclick)

(several songs which don't seem to work anymore since myspace coughed up a lung) (on myspace)

for LO-FI FESTIVAL #1, Carl Christian summed up the sfu·ma·to experience as such in the program (my translation from the Danish):

"Formed in '96 by Lars RO (gtr, voc), Andreas FUPS (bs), and Kasper ANDERSEN (dr) - voc, gtr in THE NAKED (Crunchy Frog Records). The group concentrates on using its music to bring forth a Christian message, and all of their lyrics therefore take root in the scriptures. Meanwhile, in the fall of '98 Andreas FUPS left the band and was replaced by Carl Christian TOFTE of OBSTINATE ESTHER. It can be difficult to characterize their music compared to that of other bands, but one can say that LAMPshADe; has been a decisive influence. These days, the band is being temporarily dissolved due to Lars RO's departure from Denmark in March '99 in order to continue his studies in California, USA."

it can be added that we actually started as Kasper (a.k.a. Tania) & yrs truly. the 2 of us met at a VERSUS show at Loppen Christiania one night in the mid-nineties. we realized our common interests & resolved to do radio together. this gradually happened a few times in the ensuing years, and somehow faded into us playing in a band together. Tania also spent her time playing in THE NAKED & POLISH. looking for a guitarist, yrs truly ran into a guy, his name was Lars Sveistrup, he said "howdy," we said "hi." eventually we picked up Finnegan for his poetic prowess. Lars Sveistrup (now of EL RAY) was replaced by Andre CHERCKA (Andreas FUPS? :D), who was, truly enough, replaced by Carl Christian.

for 2 years Lars RO collected the SF Bay Area California version, together with Carey DALL on f.e. guitar & f.e. bass, and then Bomba on drums & f.a. guitar, Bryan GOSKI on f.e. & f.a. guitar, & Darren HERTELL on f.e. bass.

as of 2001 we were back in København with Lars RO, Carl Christian, & an elusive drummer due to long-beloved drummer Tania parting ways with us to concentrate on ENSEMBLE ORLANDO. we look back fondly on the years we played together, Tania, & welcome future collaborations! this then gave way to the rock lineup of the Summer of 2002 (Lars, Carl Christian, Andreas KOCH (also of GANGERPILT, ex-ENSEMBLE ORLANDO & THE NAKED) on bass, plus Marie HANSEN on vocals (also of MOKO & THE BLEEDER GROUP, ex-TRAENING) & Asger HVID on drums (also of MIT NYE BAND, ex-TRAENING), which was - shall we say - slightly compromised by Lars' move to the South of France in Summer 2003.

this same year saw their debut on Swedish & Spanish shores. 2004-2005 marked the band's first U$ & Canadian tours as well as a few shows in Germany & Portugal. Rupert (of VERONICA POST, ex-TWANG & TOTHE INTERNATIONAL) played some drums for us for a spell. in 2006, sfu-ma-to played to I$raelis for the first time, and as of 2007 to Syrians & Swiss for the first time (opening for THEE SILVER MT. ZION MEMORIAL ORCHESTRA & TRA-LA-LA BAND). drummer Nicolas VOGLER a.k.a. BLACK PINK joined for a while, and in Summer 2008 they did a little West European tour together, before parting ways again in Spring 2009.

the Autumn of 2009 saw the departure of long-time bassist Andreas KOCH, and 2010 saw the coming to terms with Carl Christian's departure from the band too - not an intentional move, but finally realizing that the guy is just too busy to play shows with more than once a decade! yet who knows what the future holds... for a few years Arne BOLLINGER of RASAYANA lay down the beats, followed by dynamo drummer Carl KETAMINHINDU (of IK BEN BANG), but now Lars is based in France & wandering around again, wondering which musicians he will play with above & beyond violinist Angelika in Danmark. so are there any drummers or bassists or cellists in the house?


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